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Abena supply direct to over
40,000 clients for the NHS

Incontinence help.
Abena UK recommends that if you show any symptoms of being incontinent you should always seek professional medical advice. The following organisations can also offer discreet advice free of charge:



Incontinence products
- A solution for everyone!

Welcome to the Abena Online Shop
- the perfect place to order from the entire range of Abena high quality products and have them delivered discretely and quickly direct to your door.

To read more about Urinary incontinence or how to apply our products please visit the Literature section of Abena Online.

  Skin Care Products

Selected skin care products 30% off for the month of November!

30p from every purchase will be donated to the Psoriasis Association.


Ointments and special creams Cleansing
without water
Creams and lotions
Abena high-Quality Skin Care products are made from high quality raw materials and with as few ingredients as necessary.
-are colour-coded and organised in the categories above.

 Abena Skin Care
  • Abena offers a comprehensive range of skin care products for daily use. These products are suitable for both dry/problem skin, and normal skin and/or where individuals have to be washed frequently due to the effects of incontinence.
  • The skin care products are made from high quality raw materials and with as few ingredients as necessary, to minimise the risk of allergic reaction. Our entire product range complies with all legislation applied to these types of product.
  • The basic products are either delivered in a practical, hygienic dispenser containing 500ml with pump, or in smaller, individually sized tubes.
  • International product labels in various languages.

Abena - and the

It is very important to Abena that our products have the least possible impact on the climate and environment. Several of our products, mainly within skincare and protection, are labelled with The Nordic Ecolabel and The Asthma and Allergy Association label. Abena are certified and hold a license for many international and national labelling schemes and observe the UN Global Compact.
Astma-Allergi Forbundets logo The Danish Asthma and Allergy Association
The Global Compact 
The Nordic Ecolabel  

The Nordic Swan and the allergy label
The Abena skin care range is produced from selected high-quality ingredients, and many of the products are labeled with the Nordic Swan and the allergy label.

The criteria for the Nordic Ecolabel (Nordic Swan) are determined by the Nordic Ecolabel Board. These criteria are based on a cradle-to-grave principle that maps the total impact on the environment over five stages, namely raw materials, production, distribution and packaging, use and disposal.

The allergy label is controlled by the Asthma & Allergy Association Denmark, and to recognise a product they demand that the product poses the smallest possible risk of causing allergy, eczema or skin-irritation to the user.


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